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 Under the Auspices of the Prefecture of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Kefalonia.

Organizer: The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture. .



Sea  lovers invited  in  discovery of the enchanding realm  of the  Odyssey .A program  of Sea Sports  activities in the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

LOCATION:The Homeric  Kingdom of Odysseus, the  Greek Islands Kefalonia and Ithaca.

TIME:  Summer /Fall 2017

OPEN TO :Participants  from all over the world, welcoming Sea Sports Clubs, Sea Sports  Training Schools,Organisations  and Sea Sports Teams,Universities, Athletes, Professionals and individuals Sea Sports lovers of all ages. Sea Sports Equipment  Construction & Supplies Experts ,Rowing- Swimming Technologies and Material experts.




The event is following the Homeric Odysseu’s  route .

DATES  : to be announced soon

It will take place in the Northern Kefalonia, in the open sea   between Fiskardo  and  Ithaca





Opening date for applications:  February 15th 2017

Deadlines:  May 30th  for Sea Sports events of June 2017

            June  15th 2017 for Sea Sports events of July and August 2017


Late applications/ entries will be acceptable, subjected to the program details and numbers of participants.

Entry  and  Participation fees:  For all participants the fee is Euro 100  for one(1) day course. (Participations are confirmed after the payment of the fees, payable  before the deadlines).

Late entries :On site entries are welcome, must be submitted no later than the day before the scheduled event as regards  personal participations and 7 days before the scheduled event date for organized teams or group participations. Fees for the above late entries start from euro 120 per person.

T‐Shirts & tickets for the Awards ceremony and gala night  are included  in the fees.

Safety and Protection: ALL events and activities are taking place in safe waters,  involving the permanent  presence of a  doctor,  lifeguards, supporting personnel consisted by professionals and volunteers and applied standard safety water and first aid equipment and conditions.Rescue personnel will be present during all events. Kayakers will patrol the courses . Motorized boat also will be available for emergency assistance during the events.

Health  certificate:ALL Participants applying for the  sport events & activities will be requested to provide a valid health  certificate,  signed and stamped by a doctor,( all contact details of the doctor to be available).

Drinking water will be offered free for all participants.

Sea Water temperature  between  21- 25 C degrees .

Awards Policy

The Awards Ceremony will include Official awarding by the local Authority .

The Winners will receive the  Olive Branch Crown (the Winners Symbol of the Ancient Greek Olympics).

All the participations  will include Participation Diploma.For team participations ,such as sea  sports schools, clubs, aquatic , in  addition  will be offered a team  memorial.

Press and tv coverage will be available to the participating teams and athletes in personal and collective context. The Results of the events will be posted on web in all the available international web platforms  and also will be covered by the Greek and International  social media.






Cultural visit to the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture for a short presentation on the Islands and their  History.

I collaboration  with AQUATIC SCUBA DIVING CLUB ( underwater group tours will be organized.

Grand Awards Ceremony / open gala, cocktail night party, open to athletes and their families or friends.


Additional Info

Final Registration  on Dates & Times, teams announcements and  final program will be announced (2) two weeks before the events. All the enrolled athletes and teams will be informed formally through email.

On site entries are welcome, but must be submitted no later than the day before the event date for personal participations and 7 days before the event date for organized teams or group projects.

The Opening Date of the fair will officially  take place at the Swimming Club of Argostoli, where the International Exhibition will be held. The Events will attend  International personalities and the Local  and Regional Authorities.

A  performance by  a synchronized swimming team  will be  welcoming  the attendants.

All the participants are welcome to bring and use their own equipment (such as boats &rows)

All the professionals in Sea Sports, Clubs , Organizations, Athletes are invited to establish  a  permanent  collaboration  , in the context of future events and sea sports activities in the island .



Welcome to SEA(S) International Festival








 Organized by the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

Under the Auspices of the Prefecture of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Kefalonia.





The SEA(S) International  Festival  is taking place at the Greek  Islands Kefalonia and Ithaca .

TIME: March – April- May- June- July- August- September-October of each year

Opening date for applications end of December

Official openings of the events & exhibitions  first week of August  each year(dates to be determined)

Duration of the exhibitions August-1st- September 15th(slight dates alterations apply )

The International  Festival SEA(S) is focusing on the endless relationship between the Man and the Sea.

In this Forum  participants  from all over the World and  every field of the Arts, Sciences, Technologies, Environment, Athleticism, are invited to present in the form of their expertise, such as Contemporary, Innovative, Advanced and / or/ Experimental.

AIMS:  The Festival aims  to establish a  permanent multicultural communication throughout various fields of the Arts, Sciences, Environment, Technologies and Athleticism, under a unique and challenging concept at a time.

THEME: The  theme  will be the Sea, explored in a systematic interface between Human Civilization and Nature, throughout the various  landscapes of the Planet or Universe, virtual or physical, connecting  People, Eras, Continents, Worlds. Topics such as Environment, Incipient, Contemporary and Potential World  Seas will be explored, documented and presented in artistic, scientific and sporty way.

LOCATION: The location of the Festival, the Greek Islands Kefalonia  and Ithaca,  identifies the Historical and Mythological existence of the Homeric Odyssey, the metaphor of the Human struggle   against the omnipotence of Nature, the overseas adventure, the endless wandering of the Human Being in  the fragile  worlds of physical and metaphysical spheres, amid untamed elements, in search of its Origin and life paths towards the truth of Existence.

The Festival  includes three (3) sectors :

Sector 1:  SEA(S)  ARTS / International  Festival


 Sector 2:  SEA(S) CONFERENCE /  Seas Connecting / Sea Sports/ Health Sciences


Sector 3:   SEA(S) SPORTS  


LANGUAGES:  Operational language is English, acceptable are all the Languages.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible are All disciplines and interdisciplinary projects in Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Education  and Research, included Environmental projects, Literary Arts , Performing  Arts and Music, Applied Arts, Visual Arts , New Media.

Are invited  projects personal of collective, Activists,Academic projects,  Schools,  Colleges, Universities and in Arts, Sciences and Research Institutions .

Sea Sports Health Schools, Sea Sports Clubs and Organizations, Sea Sports Athletes , Sea Sports Technology Experts and Scientists and Sea Sports Equipment Suppliers and  Constructors   from all over the  World.