SEA(S) ARTS 2021



Opening date for applications:  March 20th 2021

Deadline for  applications : July  20th  2021  , 

Deadline for completion of  the  formal submissions/final participations :July 30th  for the  SEA(S)ARTS 2021 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL @ EXHIBITION

OPENING DATE August 9th 2021  , 20.30 pm.

Deadline for receiving the artworks  : OPEN 

WELCOME MEETING: August 9th 2021 , 20.00pm

OPENING DATE  : August 9th  2021, 20.30pm

Duration of the Exhibition  :  August 9th- September 9th 2021

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible are All disciplines and interdisciplinary projects personal or collective   in Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Education  and Research, included Environmental projects, Literary Arts , Performing  Arts and Music, Applied Arts, Visual Arts , New Media.

Are invited  projects personal of collective, Artists,Activists, Researchers, Academic projects,  Schools,  Colleges, Universities and in Arts, Sciences and Research  involved Institutions, .

Submission policy 

Application  is required  through web application form at the address :

 Email application is also acceptable to  the address : 

In all cases it is required the follow information in word document :full name of the applicant  , postal address, phone, country , email address, web site(if available), profession, discipline , short description of the project no longer than 200 words , short cv no longer than 200 words.                                                                                                 In case of group  /collective project( group -school- organisation) is required title of the group -school- organisation, full name of the  person representing OR leading  the group  , postal address, phone, country , email address, web site(if available) of the group -school- organisation  , short description of the group project no longer than 200 words , short cv of every group member no longer than 200 words.

Every submission / formal application toward been eligible must refer to a specific sector and/or/ discipline or activity .(for more than one sector or disciplines separate applications are required).

Every  submission   requires a FORMAL application/entry fee  of euro 150, non refundable.

Each Application toward been considered must be formally  completed including the follow: 

Short submission notice -3 lines- in word document  addressed via email to the address

– The transfer confirm of the entry fee payment, Euro  150 for every separate application/applicant.

 CV/Biography of the artist or CV/Biography  for each of the group members in case of group project(text  in word document non exceeding the 200 words).

– A short statement (text in word document not exceeding  the 200 words,  short description of the  work or project).

1-3 Still images ( jpg form) of the submitted or proposed work  ,and  free accessible web- links in case of music , performing works,  film works/new technologies /video art.

ONLY  applicants with completed formally submissions  are eligible for the announced grants.


PRIZES & AWARDS  starting from 2.000 up to 40.000 euros  will be shared between the best 6  participations.

The selected artists / winners will be notified  by email  after the selection/ evaluation process .

Winners ( 6 winners –  best participating projects)  will be granted after formal  completion of their  participation in the event.
a.    Personal exhibition or presentation  of the artist or team, including opening celebration event  at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture,(personal grant equal to  980 euro).
b.    2  weeks  fully  free residency at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture,( personal grant equal to 2400 euro ).
c.  2 grants of 5000 euro each for the two best group projects  (5 persons -1 week  residency  at the Ionion Center) .
 d.  1 grant  of 20.000 euro for educational institutions,arts schools or universities(10 students +2 professors, 8 days development of an academic project at the Ionion Center).

Evaluation committee: Team of academics under the direction of Dr. Haytham Nawar.

Main criteria of evaluation will be the seriousness of the proposed projects, professionalism and responsibility of the applicants, innovation, global focus and compliance to the  character, terms and policies of the Forum.
Projects not formally submitted are not considered in the competition for the grants.All grants in services offer will apply between August 9th 2021 – June 30th 2022 in time pre-arranged with the Ionion Center.


According the GRANTS ELIGIBILITY POLICY  eligible for the grants are  participants with completed the formal eligibility requirements( formal submission, payment of the fees & professional responsibility) .In the fees it is also included the free participation of all the artists  in the official Opening Celebration Gala and Dinner, in the closing event and free the entrance in all the events taking  place during the festival.

Late enrollments  will be  acceptable until  August 5th only in the case of space availability. The late entry fee will be euro 155. Late enrollments of the last minute (due to the time limits)will not ensure inclusion  in the catalogue, poster ,edition .



  For details about  formal submission  and fees:                                                           please contact by email

Additional terms and conditions:

All the participants of the festival, in the case of attending the events in form of residency, are welcome to apply for their residency at the Ionion  Center and to follow the health protocols applying for the  covid 19, such as vaccination confirm or negative Covid 19 tests, plus personal health insurance.No responsibility of the Organizer is applying in all cases

All the applicants have personal responsibility for the back and forth shipping & related expenses  of their artworks as well  for the insurance of their artworks.