SEA(S) Sports – Program



The program of sports events and activities during the Pandemic is scheduled according to the needs of the enrolled individuals or Universities. All the health protocols are followed.

Activities plan will be organized In collaboration with the Nautical Association of Argostoli  in the frame of the International program of the Ionion Center.

Sea Sports : Swimming, Rowing, Kayaking, Sailing , Diving and exploration of the Ionian Sea in terms of marine biology  or documentation. The program is open for Schools and groups of students as main or side activity in academic programs.

The  Nautical Association of Argostoli, having its headquarters and training tools based into the Argostoli bay, is offering professional equipment to the enrolled institutions and students, such as boats, rows, sailing boats, swimming pool of Olympic size and professional training personnel.The program is supported by the Naval Academy of Kefalonia.

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Sports Venues:    Greek Island Kefalonia

1. Argostoli Bay

2.  Open Sea   between Fiskardo  and  Ithaca



The event is following the Homeric Odysseu’s  route .

It will take place in the Northern Kefalonia, in the open sea   between Fiskardo  and  Ithaca , distance  5,5 Miles.

Open to : Men, Women.

Acceptable will be Sea Sports Supplies Companies ( toward promoting  boats and equipment) organized Sea Sports  Clubs, Schools, Teams, Organizations   and also  individual athletes from different continents ,countries and /or backgrounds.

Date (s) for the event will be announced 

Specific information will be addressed to the enrolled participants-or will be  available upon request  by the organizing team.