INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2016-2017-2018-2019

 Under the Auspices of the Prefecture of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Kefalonia.

Organizer: The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.

SEA(S) ARTS     –    INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION  2019 (on going -open- accepting applications)


The SEA(S) ARTS     –    INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION  2019,         part of the International  Festival SEA(S), is focusing on the endless relationship between the Man and the Sea.

In this  Exhibition  Artists  from all over the World and  every field of the Arts are invited to create and present in the form of their expertise, such as Contemporary, Innovative, Advanced and / or Experimental.

AIMS:  The Festival is aiming  to establish a  permanent multicultural communication throughout various fields of the Arts & Sciences, inviting the most outstanding  projects.

THEME: The main theme  will be the Sea, explored in a systematic interface between Human Civilization and Nature, throughout the various  landscapes of the Planet, virtual or physical connecting  People, Eras and Continents. Topics such as Environment, Incipient, Contemporary and Potential World  Seas will be explored, documented and presented in artistic or scientific way.

LOCATION : The Greek Island Kefalonia .

The location of the Exhibition, the Greek Islands Kefalonia  and Ithaca,  identifies the Historical and Mythological existence of the Homeric Odyssey, the metaphor of the Human struggle   against the omnipotence of Nature, the overseas adventure, the endless wandering of the Human Being in  the fragile  worlds of physical and metaphysical spheres, amid untamed elements, in search of its Origin and life paths towards the Truth of Existence.

VENUES: The edifice of the  Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture and selected  central Μunicipal Venues in the Kefalonia Capital Argostoli.

TIME: Spring-  Summer- Fall    2019


Official Opening  August 5th-6th   SEA(S)ARTS 2019

 CURATORS:   Prf. Haytham Nawar

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible are All disciplines and interdisciplinary projects in Arts, Sciences and Technologies, Education  and Research, included Environmental projects, Literary Arts , Performing  Arts and Music, Applied Arts, Visual Arts , New Media.

Are invited  projects personal of collective, Academic projects,  Schools,  Colleges, Universities and in Arts, Sciences and Research Institutions, Activists.

LANGUAGES: All languages are welcome.

English or Greek are suggested for sumbissions.



[1]    Visual Arts:  photography, painting, sculpture, design, drawing, printmaking, mixed   media, site-specific installations,( required   works  based on the thematic  character of the Festival, acceptable also are non thematic proposals ).

[2]    Performing Arts , Literary Arts, Dance, Music : presentations/ performances / concerts ,( required   works  based on the thematic  character of the Festival, acceptable also are non thematic proposals ).

 [3]   New Technologies, Digital Arts in the frame of  Digital Festival:video art, short films, new technologies apps,( required   works  based on the thematic  character of the Festival, acceptable also are non thematic proposals ).

Venues for the Performing Arts, Literary Arts ,Dance, Music: will be  based on the character and needs of the selected projects, including Theater stages, venues for  lectures/ presentations  at Argostoli, Lixouri  and other sites around the islands, open public sites or sites of historical , archaeological  or natural meaning, such as the Botanical Garden and/or/ the Historic areas as the Medieval Castle of Saint Georgio.

Venue for the New Technologies, Digital Arts, Digital FestivalVisual Arts/ Exhibitions: will be the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture.

Submissions :

PRIZES & AWARDS  starting from 2000 up to 50.000 euros  will be shared between the best 5 submissions- participations